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Accumulate merit - methods and meaning

with Lama Sonam Rabgye

At the conclusion of each meditation practice, we dedicate the merit to all sentient beings. Likewise, at the end of a day, we can dedicate the merit of all not hurtfull actions. But what is merit? And why is it so important?

Based on the teachings of Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye's "Treasury of Knowledge," Lama Sonam will explain that to us.

Lama Sonam Rabgye

Lama Sonam Rabgye was born in 1961 in the Nepalese region of Manang, near the Tibetan border. He studied the Buddhist doctrine and philosophy at Shri Nalanda Institute in Rumtek, India, and then taught at Karma Lekshe Ling Institute in Kathmandu. He then completed the traditional three-year retreat at Pullahari Monastery in Nepal. Since 1999 Lama Sonam Rabgye lives as residence lama in the Kamalashila Institute in Langenfeld in the Eifel.

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