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What do we have of it when we come to this meditation?

We learn to be the boss in our own mind. This makes us to live more peaceful and relaxed. We become a blessing and not a problem for ourselves and others.

What does the meditation look like on these evenings?

Instead of sitting still for a long time, very short times are held. The meditations are always connected with a point of view so that we know how to align our minds. Because of the short times, we always have a clear mind. We do not become dull and tired, but are generally fresh and clear.

Everyone is capable of this form of meditation. We can even sit on a chair. We sit upright, either on the floor or on the chair, back straight, head down a bit, so that we have a "long neck", and the gaze is gently directed to the ground in front of us. We become very present with what is currently there. Whatever appears in the mind, it's just ripples on the water. We do not give meaning to the thought. We also do not fear the worst thoughts as we let them go.

Do you have to come back again and again?

No, the meditation is so designed that we can remember this method. If we apply it at home, then we will benefit. Of course you can always come back. Everything is ideologically and religiously neutral, so that everyone can participate.

  • Dates
  • Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm