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Support the German Buddhist Institute with your donation

The Buddhist Institute relies on donations. Every little donation helps.

Donating in the Buddhist sense is not only beneficial to the recipient, but also to the donor himself. Buddhism speaks of earning merit through positive actions.

Our donation bank account

Bank name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Bank account number: 30 698 00
Bank code: 100 205 00

IBAN: DE 28 1002 0500 0003 069800

Online donation via Paypal

Donate easily and securely via Paypal:

What are your donations used for?

Among the many charitable activities that are funded by your donations, include:

  • Visits of Buddhist teachers: the course fees do not always cover all the costs of visiting Buddhist teachers
  • Maintenance and covering of running costs of the premises for religious purposes: two temple rooms, library, garden, dining room, kitchen, as well as heating, wells, biological treatment plant
  • Purchase of books for the library of the Buddhist Institute, currently the library contains about 3,000 books
  • Free guided tours and information for all visitors and interested persons in the Buddhist Institute
  • Reconstructions and renovations such as renovations in the main building, renovation and installation of the Karmapa apartment and a new temple room in the main building