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Green Tara Puja

The Tara Puja is practiced in many Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and temples in the morning.

Tara is considered the mother of all Buddhas. An expression of perfect female Buddha activity, Tara is known for her quick help and great compassion. She liberates from fears and disturbing emotions, protects from danger, disease, suffering, poison, animals, demons, fire, famine, wars, and the suffering of the lower realms of existence. Impartially, she fulfills wishes, brings prosperity and happiness in this life and later rebirths. In the end, she leads us to highest liberation from suffering, Buddhahood.

Visitors are welcome to attend the puja.

However, for a more intensive execution of the practice, please note the following: Since this is a practice of Buddhist tantra, for a more intensive execution of the practice, participants should have at least a stable foundation in the fundamental thoughts (precious human body, impermanence, karma and dependent arising, and the suffering of samsara). If possible, the special preparatory exercises should also be completed. Furthermore, in the long run, the lung (reading permission) and an initiation are mandatory.