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German Buddhist Institute

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You need a few days rest, want to retire from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, long for silence and nature? Come, visit us. Far away from the noise of the big city, you will not hear more road noise. You will wake up by the chirping of birds and can get up with the sun and go to bed. In this place surrounded by nature and lakes, you can find peace and relax your soul. Long walks in our magical meditation park or in the surrounding area invite you to ground yourself and to come back to yourself.

You can join us in our meditations, or retire to our meditation rooms alone. The rooms are basic and the food is taken care of, so that you will not be distracted by anything. You may consider staying here for a few days and really walking into silence (silent retreat), talking to our teacher about the teachings of Buddhism, or spending a few hours of the day in contemplative participation (Seva / Karma Yoga).