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As can be seen, this institution has a large field of work. Anyone who wants to help can find work here, which is very useful. We do not distinguish between "higher" or "lower" works. Every work done here is important.

There are the natural kind of works, which are necessary again and again at relatively regular intervals. Cleanings of all kinds, sweep leaves in autumn, harvest fruits in summer, pick lime blossoms, mow lawn, split wood and store it in the basement.

Then there are works that require a longer breath. If e.g. someone is able to responsibly look after a library, take care of the bookkeeping or responsibly care for guests.

Anyone who has learned a trade can find a lot of work here, such as Carpenter, electrician, bricklayer or installer.

In all the work we have to distinguish whether we can do it and if we like it. Sometimes we overestimate, but more often we underestimate our capabilities. We can grow in our work if we have confidence in ourselves.