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German Buddhist Institute

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The Karma Tengyal Ling Institute is located 70 km northwest of Berlin close to the towns Fürstenberg, Gransee and Rheinsberg. It’s a place of calmness and for relaxation, further on of wisdom and meditation. Everybody can come whether it is for the purpose of Buddhism or just because of the quietness and recreation. Also families with children have the possibility to use this place of contemplation; for the children we have a lot of toys and they can move very freely here.

As you can see on the picture the site lies secluded from the turmoil of the cities.

Close to the KTL can be found a nature reserve with rare animals and plants. From there starts the shelf of the Mecklenburg lakes. Stechlin-Menz has its own lake - a good spot for swimming - so one should not forget ones bathing things.

Besides the tourist attractions of the surrounding nature that this place offers, because of its quietness and isolation this place is ideal for Buddhist practice.